How to install WordPress Quickstart package on server


How to install WordPress Quickstart package on server

An installation of the WordPress Quickstart package is a really simple process. First of all, you’ll want to download the correct package that contains the required files. Please, head to our download section and select your preferred theme – you should see the following page with a few packages available to download:

In the above case, we have marked four theme packages:

  1. Quickstart Pack - contains only the theme files and you should be used on existing WordPress pages
  2. Child Theme - contains a complete WordPress installation with the demo content just like our demo
  3. Plugins - contains all used plugins in our Wordpress theme
  4. Documentation - contains detailed documentation about our Wordpress theme package

Step 1:

Click on the link for the Quickstart package and wait for the files to be downloaded. Then, unpack the downloaded ZIP package.

Now, you have a folder filled with all the files you need to install WordPress along with our theme and demo content. Upload all the files and folders inside the extracted quickstart folder to your preferred install location on your host’s server via FTP; this could be the server root, or to a subdirectory if WordPress is not intended to be the main frontpage of your site. If you are developing the site locally, then you can move the files directly to your localhost’s directory.

Once you’ve moved/uploaded all the files, you should open your browser and navigate to the same location on your website then follow like below screenshot

FTP fileupload screen FTP fileupload screen

Step 2:

Move the directory content into your browsers and start installation. The initial Wordpress installation screen will notify you that the configuration file is unavailable. Click Create Configuration File button to create it.

Wordpress Configuration screen Wordpress Configuration screen

Step 3:

This means that the wp-config.php file doesn’t exist and you should configure it – just click the button – the browser will navigate to the first step of the installation process:

Getting started with database screen Getting started with database screen

Step 4:

Input the Wordpress database connection details. With using localhost, you can type the username and password as bellow:

Configure database screen Configure database screen

Step 5:

WordPress will ask for the database name, user, password, host and the table prefix – you need to fill this information in and then you can submit the form.

If all the database access data is correct then you should see following screen:

Database completed screen Database completed screen

Step 6:

Run the installation and edit needed information as following:

Edit site needed information screen Edit site needed information screen

Step 7:

Complete installation

Completed installation screen Completed installation screen

Step 8:

Log in your account and discover the new theme

Wordpress login screen

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