The Joomla module cannot fit in the template correctly

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PS Circle Hover Effect Ajay
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After installed the module and publish it, the module cannot fit in the template. I used template is protostar.

And would you mind tell me how to make the hyperlink can open in a new window like "target="_blank" ??

Thank you very much.

Accepted Answer

PCMShaper Accepted Answer

3 years ago #162

Hi Ajay,

1. You should adjust your template css style for fitting our module in your template correctly. Maybe you can try with below css style and put it on your module custom css style section

.ch-grid li {
  width: 260px;
  height: 260px;

.main {
  width: 100%;

2. Now you can download new version of PS Circle Hover Effect module from and here we fixed target link open issue.

PCMShaper Team

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