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PS Acrostia Vimal
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If I select one of the items from the portfolio, when the page loads the main menu does not take you back to the home page or any of the sections of the home page when selecting them.

1st graphic is of home page with menu top right which works fine
2nd graphic is of the subpage after an item from the portfolio is selected, on this page the menu top right no longer takes you to the page linked in the menu.

This is the template as installed using the quick start package with no modifications.
Joomla 3.3.3

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PCMShaper Accepted Answer

3 years ago #134

Hi Vimal,

We understood your issue and fixed that issue in our acrostia template.

We updated both acrostia template and quickstart packages. So now you can re-download "PS Acrostia" template zip file from here and upload it again on your Joomla site. Once you uploaded then go to "Menus-> Main Menu-> then click on Home-> then in the link field here find and replace '#sp-slideshow-wrapper' to 'index.php/#sp-slideshow-wrapper'". Now you can refresh your site to see if it is working.

Best Regards
PCMShaper Team

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3 years ago #132

Hi Vimal,

Thank you for using one of our free Joomla template!

You can not make sub menus in our free Acrostia template that feature is only available on our premium Joomla templates. So join our club to access full supports and templates and themes.

Best Regards
PCMShaper Team


3 years ago #133

Hi, I am sorry but I think you miss understood my query.

I have installed the template as is using the Quickstart package.
If I select one of the items in the portfolio in the Our Work section the page with the content for the related article loads. The menu at the top when this page has loaded, which is still part of the default template (not a sub menu I have created), is visible and available but none of the links work and it does not take you back to the home page as should be expected.

Please try it yourself using your quickstart package.



3 years ago #135

Much Thanks PCMShaper Team
Issue resolved :cheer:


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