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PS Awite Alex
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Hey Guys, i have on all sites double text. In the template Layout i have no Message area, only Component or Module to selection. I don't no what to do?

Thanks for your help

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4 years ago #6

Hi Alex,

You don't need to change the default 'Message' section title to 'Component'. You did this that's why the content in front-end of your site is repeated 2 times.

So, can you re-upload our template package(find it from you downloaded zip package) on your site using "Extensions-> Extension Manager-> 'Choose File' options to upload your template file-> then click 'Upload & Install' button". Now you can just refresh your 'Layout' options page of your template and see if 'Message' section 'Type' option is changed or not (see the attachment). If it is not then please send your admin login details to us then we'll see that on your site.

We hope you are doing well :)

Best Regards,
PCMShaper Team

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