How to see if mod_rewrite enabled on website

How to see if mod_rewrite enabled on website

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How can I check 'Mod_Rewrite' is enabled or not without going to WHM or CPanel?


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Most of cases Mod_rewrite is installed and enabled by default on all servers and all servers that run cPanel and cannot be disabled.

If you want to check if Mod_Rewrite is enabled on the machine, there are several methods to check if it's working, We will try to show you with simplest method, Create a .htaccess file (a text file named .htaccess) with the following code in it

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On

Then save the file to a subdirectory of your main site, for example:


Now when you go to browse to the subdirectory ( ). One of two things could happen

1. If no errors you got then mod_rewrite engine is now enabled.

2. 500, Internal Server Error If you get this message then mod_rewrite was not installed/enabled on your server.

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