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PS Scrollite Vimal
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I recently purchased a portfolio module / component called Advanced Portfolio Pro as the integrated portfolio system wasn't able to perform the layout I wanted. The module was able to integrate into the projects part of the on the main page under "Our Party Vehicles". However, when you click one of the portfolios, the images come up with the main menu cut through the middle of the images as you scroll down. The main menu also will not scroll with the images page. I'm assuming this is due to how scrollite is setup to be a "one page" template. Is there a way to fix this so the menu doesn't cut off the pictures?

Also, the main page layout of the portfolio images has the images cropped to the left. I attempted to add CSS in to have them center, but the images seem to always crop to the left. Is there a way to fix so that the images are centered in each of their spaces?

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PCMShaper Accepted Answer

2 years ago #41

Hi Vimal,

You just need to add '/' before the menu url link for example "/#sp-feature-wrapper". Since we did those changes on your site and its working fine now.

Best Regards,
PCMShaper Team

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2 years ago #39

Hi Vimal,

We fixed your site portfolio issue. So, can you check if your site portfolio issue is fixed?

Best Regards,
PCMShaper Team


2 years ago #40

Everything appears to be fixed except when you go to the Linked page with the images and description on the right after clicking on the "link" icon when hovering over one of the portfolios on the front page, the main menu at the top isn't clickable. So, if I wanted to go back to the frontpage or any of the other sub frontpages, the only way for me to scroll back is to retype the main page back into the address bar or click the back button. Is there a way to make the menu items redirect properly from this sub page?

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