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PS Content Comments is a Disqus comment plugin for Joomla. You can able to share or comment your Joomla article contents and light weight and simple to use. For any type of blog post, business websites you can use it. It looks more attracting way and get high traffic to your site by new users through social and search engines.

Module Installation

You can go and know module installation steps from the following link Click here

Module Features

  • Easy to Configure
  • Joomla categories options
  • Disqus username options
  • Disqus langauge options
  • Compatible for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3
  • Compatible with all the modern browsers
  • Detailed documentation
  • Dedicated supports

Module Configuration

Basic Options

  • Categories - Select Joomla categories you created in Joomla.
  • Disqus Username - Enter username of Disqus account.
  • Disqus Language - Add default language code of Disqus comment.
Screenshot - Basic Options

Please take a look at the screenshot below for PS Content Comments module basic options

PS Content Comments Basic Options

Download & Support

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