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If your website is found hacked then what should you do to keep your website healthy and free from any kind of attacks that can damage the website? Here are some points that can be used to secure your website

WordPress built-in with a user friendly post editor called the Visual Editor. You can see the visual editor by going to Posts => Add New options or by editing an existing post or page.

If you want to delete all comments from your WordPress site? Then follow this article tutorial, we will show you how to easily bulk delete all WordPress comments.

If you got error like "No plugin installation has-been enabled. At Least one must be enabled to be reliable to use the installer. Go to the Plugin Manager to enable the plugins." in Joomla 3.6 then go to the Plugin Manager Joomla! see no plugin, then perform the following troubleshooting steps.

In this tutorial we will show you how to replace the Joomla Favicon.ico with one of your own icon. This can help people identify your brand logo, and also differentiates your website from other Joomla 3 websites.