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The body class in WordPress is a class or series of classes that are applied to the HTML body element. This is useful for applying unique styles to different areas of a WordPress site as body classes can be added conditionally.

In this tutorial let see how to install a new Joomla2.5 quickstart template package in details way.

URL redirect is a built-in feature on Joomla. You can use it to redirect any on-site any type of URL to another address. The later one can be an on-site or an external URL. You can use this feature to get visitors who are trying to reach your site with a missing URL(404 error not found url). A site may miss a URL for many reasons such as changing the permalink structure, CMS etc. The URL redirect feature solves this issue.

On 19 Aug 2015 is a special day for Bootstrap. Not only is it's fourth birthday, but after a year of development, They are finally shipping the first alpha release of Bootstrap 4. Hell yeah!

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In this tutorial we will show you, how to remove admin toolbar from your site’s front-end in WordPress settings and also lets show how to use code to removing it. Lets see below steps for removing Admin toolbar in front-end.